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Laura Gallagher

The Sharing Knife, Vol. 3: Passage -- catalog copy

Lois Bujold just posted this to the email list:

I thought you all might like a peek at the catalog copy I mentioned the
other day. This has to fit in about a four inch square on _Passage_'s
page in the booklet that HarperCollins (or William Morrow, proximately)
prints up to present their offerings to booksellers, wholesalers, etc.
-- their immediate customers, in other words. These are the folks that
select what books, and how many of them, will appear in due course on
your bookstore shelves, and the lead time is about what you see -- all
the books that will be out next summer have to be fit into the catalog,
which will go out mid-winter, right now. So books not-infrequently go
into the catalog before cover art is complete, or other compromises. One
*really* wants the title nailed down at this point, however. Also on the
page will go author info and maybe a photo, marketing plans (such as
book tours or where ads for the book are planned to appear), isbns,
blurbs, and cross-references to related books, if any.

I'm still getting used to the book's new and final title. In my head
it's still _The Wide Green World, Vol. 1_. But _Passage_ will slot in
from use pretty quickly, I expect, as _Beguilement_ and _Legacy_ did.

So the ad copy will go:

"Fawn, a young farmer girl, and Dag, a seasoned Lakewalker
soldier-sorcerer, survived magical dangers and found love and loyalty.
But their strength and passion cannot overcome the bigotry of their own
kin. Leaving all they have known behind, they set off to find fresh
solutions to the perilous split between their peoples.

But they will not journey alone. Along the way they inadvertently
acquire comrades: Fawn’s irrepressible brother; a pair of novice
Lakewalker patrollers; a farmer boy Dag accidentally magically beguiles;
and a young riverboat captain searching for her father and fiancé who
mysteriously vanished on the river nearly a year ago.

As the motley band travels downstream on a flatboat to the sea, Fawn and
Dag encounter a new world of hazards both human and uncanny... and a new
understanding of the bonds between themselves and their kinfolk."

Ta, L.
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